Connecting Dots

Sepsis Case Study


Suspected cases  1.5 Million

Actual Cases 300,000

Deaths 80,000

Mean ICU Length of Stay 18 Days

Mean ICU Costs per Patient  €35,000


Actual Cases 50 Million

Deaths 11 Million


Global Emergency


  • 6 MLN death in 2017

  • Kills more than 5 most deadly types of cancer combined

  • 50% of all in-hospital mortality in Western countires


  • The most expensive acute medical condition by cost of hospitalization > €100 BLN in hospitalization costs in Western countries

  • Hospitals spend 7% of their entire budget on sepsis

Difficult to treat

  • Standard broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment does not work in 1:5 sepsis patients because of escalating antibiotic resistance

  • Incidence of resistant infections is expected to skyrocket 15 times by 2050